Just give us a description of your lost pet. We will search our database of found animals, compiled from citizen reports and area animal shelters, to help bring your pet home again.

Best of all, Find-A-Pet is a FREE SERVICE!

If you have found an animal, Find-A-Pet can help you get him back home. We will compare the description of the animal with our reports of lost animals and notify the owners immediately FOR FREE.

Take a moment to explore:
Success Stories – See how Find-A-Pet has reunited lost pets with their families
Volunteer Opportunities – Help us bring owners and lost pets together
More Information – Read more about us
Contact Us Directly – Tell us how Find-A-Pet has helped you!

Find-A-Pet is the only free pet-finding service with a complete database animals in the two City of Dallas shelters and the SPCA of Texas, as well as other shelters countywide!

To report a lost or found animal, just call our hotline at 214-827-HELP (4357) or enter your report online.

Find-A-Pet is a not-for-profit organization based in Dallas, TX.

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Leptitox Review: Natural Way To Lose Weight Your Natural SupplementLeptitox Review: Natural Way To Lose Weight Your Natural Supplement

Nowadays, the most important thing you can really treasure on your own is your health. It will always be yourself and it must be always yourself that you must protect and cherish. Our health is one of the indications to know what kind of lifestyle an individual has. Being healthy is somehow easy if you know your limits. Many people in today’s generation are very conscious of their body. Well, it is not a bad thing to be fit. Some people lose weight because they are afraid that when the time comes that they are not that young many, body pains may appear or some illnesses. As for example, if you are into sweets you may have diabetes. There are other illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory disease and others. 

Still, people find losing some weight a hard thing to do but because of the advancement in the field of medicine, there are options for us to choose in order to lose some weight in a safer and faster way. Through medicine or other supplements, you can make your metabolism faster and lose some WeightLoss faster. If you are trying to take some supplement because you will try to lose some weight, Leptitiox is available for you. Here is some Leptitox review for you to know more about the products. 

Leptitox is very popular for all people who wish to lose some weight because it is noted for being naturally formulated. It means that there is no trace of chemicals or even dyes. It is very safe in the body system. Morgan Hurst is the creator of the Leptitox. He formulated 22 natural occurring ingredients that will form an awesome combination to aid you in your weightloss journey. Each ingredient is natural in all aspects and some are detoxifying plant extracts that will surely give you so many benefits. 

Never Ran Out Of Fruits:Buy Fruits Online For SingaporeNever Ran Out Of Fruits:Buy Fruits Online For Singapore

This pandemic today has changed the lifestyle of people around the world including Singapore.  Actually, no country is exempted with Covid and all are called to follow precautions.  People are now not allowed to go out from the house easily.  Some are advised to work from home and stay home a much as possible.  This could be the “new normal” for people and such changes should be accepted gradually.  But this could not mean that you will end up not enjoying your life before.  You may not have now the chance to go to amusement parks and enjoy yourself there, but you could make a lot of enjoyable things at home. 

Your adventure to foodies should not also be put to an end.  Restaurants are actually open and they are still offering their best menu for take out and pre-orders through online bookings.  Including fruits! Did you know that you can actually buy fruits online for Singapore? Yes! And just like before, you can still taste those fresh fruits being sold by fruit stands. Get more Interesting details about fruits in singapore on cooldesac.com.

How do you buy fruits online for Singapore?

Just like food deliveries, there are sites for fresh fruits in Singapore.  You can just search these online fruit stores in the internet and you will be given lists of fruit vendors online which are open for deliveries.  Still, you can get access with fruits without the need to go out from the house.

Benefits of buying fruits online

Well, with the situation we have right now, the safest thing to do is to always stay at home.  You can buy food and groceries from online stores and these will be delivered right at your doorstep with reasonable charges.  This prevents you from being with a lot of people who might be your source for Covid.  Always remember, once you buy fruits online for Singapore, don’t forget to wash them before eating them.  Yes, vendors are offering clean and fresh fruits but it still not safe to eat them directly.  Just like other grocery items which might be held by anyone, it’s best to wash fruits before taking them.

Why You Should Find Your Perfect Match OnlineWhy You Should Find Your Perfect Match Online

Have you ever thought of giving up in finding your perfect partner in life? Did you think you are hopeless in finding the love of your life? Do you feel like there is no chance that someone you meet will end up liking you is a more special way? If this is the case, then you should not lose hope and try your luck in online dating. If you have not tried that service yet but is desperate to date someone, then do not waste time and start checking different dating online websites right away. If you are having doubts, let me convince you to try even at least once in your lifetime.

Finding a date online is so much fun

If you register in an online dating site, it will open new doors for new acquaintances. You will be surprised how many people are into online dating. The more you check profiles of people, the more excited you will become. You will find yourself enjoying the different services the websites offer. You will be in awe to see people from different places who have the same interest as you. If you are more curious about find relationship then you can learn more about it on myecollective.com.

The website will find the best partners for you

Online dating websites are experts in matchmaking. If you provide the correct information about yourself and tell them your preferences, they will be the one to sort people and will give you a list of people who can be a potential partner for you. You just have to choose who you think is likely to be your perfect match. If that person is interested, you will get the chance to date and will get to know the person more. Do not overdo your plans because that may not be good for first dates. All you have to do is be yourself, and everything will fall into place.